I can do really hard things.

What a Month and what a year this has been. Joined day one and my reason was I wanted to leave my marriage after almost 20 years because I’m lonely. I wanted to leave at the first of the year but knew I wanted to make sure I was sure.

You coached many women with similar stories and told them (I’m paraphrasing here) they had to be happy here in their marriage before they could be happy alone. I’m happy and I’m still leaving. He asked me “how can you be so nice to me and still want to leave me?” Its been the work here allowing me to be nice even when I wanted to scream, it had nothing to do with him its all about me and my choice.

Within the last hour sat with my husband, and we had a hard conversation. I listed to #166 again for the umpteenth time so that I could come to him with kindness and let him say and ask questions. He was not expecting it and is very upset and hurt.

Funny the attorney kept asking me about abuse, and I kept saying my truth, he was not abusive I’m just lonely and want to be free to make my own decisions. She told me..”It happens more than you would know.”

My truth is I’m so fucking happy I could scream with joy, then bawling my eyes out. I’m more than a little scared of the future but looking forward to doing more hard things.

My giant goal for this year is to launch and market my high-end house sitting and pet sitting business. I love staying in Airb&b, I have always owned a beautiful home and know how to take care of them. I love all types of pets and enjoy their company and caring for them. I envision myself taking care of exquisite homes in beautiful areas and get paid for it.

I have contacted my old roommate from 20 years ago, and we have always remained close, and she was the first and only person I told, and she said..”Your room is still open for you.” So it feels like I’m moving back in with the Golden Girls…It’s so perfect!

Thank you, Brooke, for My guilt over leaving a 71-year-old man who is hurting and alone breaks my heart. This is hard stuff, and you taught me I could do hard things. See you in Dallas in January..wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m free.