Can regret be a good motivator?

Can regret be used as a good motivator?

Example: I have a lot of feelings of regret. I recognize these intense feelings of regret for myself and also for my family (For example, not cleaning up the night before and having a huge mess in the morning OR not working out + overeating = gaining weight OR only going on vacation twice in 15 years because of overworking and poor money management).

Right now, it feels that my regrets are so much stronger than the reason for wanting to do it in the first place. Is it OK/healthy/normal to use regret to motivate myself to get the task(s) done for now? Is the goal to use the strongest motivator even though it may feel like a negative connotation?

And then perhaps, consistent action will strengthen positive feelings and motivation may no longer be regret?

Thank you for your guidance.