Can someone be “broken”?

Hey Brooke! My coaching philosophy is really starting to gel – and I had a quick question about something I see quite a bit online and from friends. It’s the concept of the person as “broken”. I often see people say things like “I’m broken”, “I have emotional scars”, “I’m incomplete”, etc. It’s the idea that I’m “less than” – which I think lends itself to either looking outside of oneself for a solution (i.e. relationship, friends, food, drugs, etc.) or potentially keeping someone semi-stuck – because if something is “broken” or “scarred”, the breaks/scars remain – even if might heal over time. I even see this concept from professionals. I just read an article from a psychotherapist that read: “Everyone — everyone — is broken. There is not a human on this earth who has not hurt, who is not damaged, or is not in pain.”

My belief is that we’re complete, right here and now – and our “breaks/scars” are mental in nature. We’re complete – but the concept of broken, scarred, incomplete, etc. is simply “additional information” – not a lack of something. It’s a thought/belief (per The Model) – and when we change the thought/belief, we no longer feel broken, scarred, incomplete. “Broken” isn’t a THING you are, it’s merely a THING you THINK you are. Basically, stop thinking it, stop feeling it. I’m just curious what your thinking is about this – and if this is an accurate intepretation. Thanks, Brooke! 😀