Can the "C" include lying?

I know in doing model work that the C line is for facts… for me, a lie told by a person is a fact. They said A – A was not true… but maybe instead it just means the C line is longer. X said A… B was true?

Here’s why I ask. I do have a lot of thoughts and feelings that I generate when someone lies to me. In fact, it’s one of the behaviors (outside of assault or rape) that I 100% do not tolerate. I don’t have any interest in changing my belief about that. My boundaries are- no physical abuse, no sexual abuse, no lying tolerated– in terms of you receiving my time and/ or attention.

But when working with the T line on a circumstance like that, is it okay that the C line is “Lying” in the same way that the C line might have been “sexual assault”?

I know… a weird question. But one I am working on.

C- Roommate said his father was dying… Father is not dying (or Roommate lied about father’s health)
Original T: That is sad
New T: That was a lie
Original F: Compassion
New F: Manipulated
Original A: Did more around house to make up for roommate’s absence
NewA: Do my own job/ work no more or less
Original Result: Worry and guilt over whether I was being a good enough friend
New R: I focus on MY life and my tasks and my life (and in the process, completely ignore him)