Can the Circumstance be "Me" and questions as Thoughts

Hi Team, Two questions. I’m working through releasing my shameful thoughts on my past and also self worth. I’ve been doing many thought downloads about this and my circumstance is usually “my past”, that is all I write in the C line. Then the T line is a thought/line of my story. When doing models on self.worth/what I think of myself, I put “Me” in the circumstance followed by a T line with a thought I have about myself. Am I doing doing this correctly?

Also, as I’m doing these thought downloads, I find a lot of questions come up. For ex “What if everyone finds out” “How will I deal with that embarrassment”. I’m guessing the next work to do is actually go answer those questions vs moving on to the next thoughts? Can you provide some insight.

Thanks so much in advance, I’m curious your answers to these as I’m doing my work so I figure its just best to ask 🙂