Can the impossible goal be about the result?

I want to set an impossible goal for 2021 of saving $70k for a down payment on a bigger and newer house and $40k for a gently used car. I would do this by setting the ultimate impossible goal of earning $250k of revenue in my biz in 2021. I *know* that if I can make the extra money, I can put it aside in a savings account and not spend it. No issues there. I think I’m approaching it from a clean space because I know life is 50/50 and having these things wouldn’t make my life better. It’s just something I think would be fun to have. I love the house and old car that I have now, AND I want a house with more space and a newer car.

But Brooke says that impossible goals aren’t about achieving the goal, rather the person you’ll become in the achieving of it, and that because of that, it doesn’t matter whether you actually reach your goal or not. But these results are really something I want to go after and do my best to make it happen in 2021. So why can’t it just be about the goal first, and then who you’ll grow into second?

A question that came to mind, and that you might suggest is, “What’s the rush?” The answer that comes to me is that I love my current house and car, but I feel like my relationship with them is complete, I’m ready to move on to something else, and I’d like that to happen in 2022 after reaching my impossible goal in 2021.