Can the R line be something that we haven’t achieved but are working towards?

I’m wondering if the R line can be the same as the C line if it’s a goal that we haven’t yet achieved but are working towards.

For example, this is my model:

C – Goal of 110 lbs by end of June
T – It’s as good as done
F – In control
A – Follow food protocol, allow and process urges, don’t overeat, apply desire for food elsewhere in my life, have my own back when I overeat (no beating myself up) and get back to following food protocol
R – 110 lbs by end of June

Can the R be future-oriented like this or does it need to present-focused–e.g. instead of the R being “110 lbs by end of June,” it’s something like “I set myself up for weighing 110 lbs by end of June”?