Can a thought be the same as a circumstance?

I started this month thinking I had commitment issues so I’ve been working on generating commitment to stay on my food protocol. As I was doing the homework on hope, I pulled up all these amazing examples of how I don’t actually have commitment issues. In fact, I’m one of the most committed people I know. So my new question became, “why am i finding it so hard to committing to losing weight”. There are many interesting thoughts that came up, but the most important one is “I am fat”. It has always been who I am. So I think I have to change my entire identity to become not fat.

I have these photos when I was younger and I was thin, and I remember that I always thought I was fat, no matter what my weight. And I can see how that thought created my current result of being overweight. So I know that I need to correct the thought that I am fat.

However, I am currently fat because I’m 80 pounds overweight and the charts would agree that I am morbidly obese. So it is now both a circumstance and a thought. How do I break that loop?