Can thought go straight to action without causing a feeling?

Hi Brooke,

Last night’s call was fantastic. Thank you so much to you and the people who were coached.

I’m dealing with a lot of rejection myself in the past couple of weeks. One of the ways I deal with this and to boost my energy for writing a new pitch is to do short bouts of physical activity. It’s a biochemical change that makes me feel good and focused. I’m a little confused as to if this is a sensation or a feeling. I *don’t experience a change in feeling until I’m already well into the activity (and it doesn’t always work).

I understand that feelings are caused by thoughts, but do all thoughts cause feelings? It seems as if my thought is leading to action without a feeling in between.
Maybe I’m confusing the model again.
C-Receive rejection
T-I need to change my mood before I pitch somebody else
F-? Not consciously experiencing shift in feeling
R-Approach new client with focus and energy

Thank you!