Can we ask others directly for what we want…

… as long as we are prepared for them to say ‘no’?
I have a model about my husband:
C – Husband does not ask me questions about me
T – He should show more interest in me because I patiently listen to all the things he is interested in – and
adding to my ‘story’ another T i.e. T – None of his family ask questions – just talk about themselves
F – Unloved, unimportant
A – Get huffy, punish him by lack of physical contact
R – Confuse him, keep him on tenderhooks too scared to ask questions

New model
C – husband does not ask me questions
T – husband is supportive of most things I do
F – free, confident
A – keep creating and working on my new business stream
R – Successful with new business approach

Despite the more positive model I still can’t shake off the idea that I would like him to show more interest in what I’m working on. Can I directly request that he ask me questions rather than leaving it up to me to tell him … as long as I’m prepared for him to say ‘no’ or not do it – and not get huffy?