Can you buffer with people?


I am coming out of a long term monogamous relationship, in which I was faithful and committed. I was dating someone, we stopped dating, or didn’t seem to be dating in an exclusive way – not daily contact, no commitment, they are separated from their partner for many years, but still officially married, so seemed dead end – still I enjoyed spending time with them.
Then another person came into my life who also may be half-committal or I might be half-committal towards them, though I could grow to be.

Somehow when I am not having the amount of communication and connection with one person, I crave/desire/seek communication/connection with another person. It’s as if the relationship with one person is not fulfilling or complete enough. Or I’m craving connection and not having it reciprocated by one person, I seek it from the other person. I’m not sure if this is buffering, but seems similar. I don’t want to feel the painful feelings of disconnection and aloneness when thinking about one relationship/person, so I communicate with the other person (even though probably both are going no where).

Is this buffering?
Is it possible to crave a person, or interaction with a person – and to feel deprivation when not having the desired connection/interaction?
It feels a little bit like an addiction. I haven’t dated for a long time and don’t remember this feeling in the past.

Thank you!