Can you hear me?

Yesterday I was a part of a virtual home visit with Tanya on zoom. There were 4 of us in total. The purpose is to get to know the person and encourage the person in their religious practice. Tanya, the woman we were visiting is a teacher, a single parent, and has 3 children. Two of my co-leaders talk a lot in my opinion and yesterday was really frustrating. The visit should be no more than 60, it lasted 116 minutes.

C “Can you hear me?” on a zoom meeting
T Debra is deliberately talking over me
F disrespected
A wait to get a word in, listen, watch everyone who has their camera on, judge Debra & DS for talking so much, attempt to listen to Tanya’s responses, offered words to encourage Tanya in her religious practice & relationships
Not doing – fully listening to everyone, feeling in control of my thoughts, asking Francine to contribute, asking that one person speak at a time, asking Debra to turn on her camera, that she is talking on top of me
R resentment

I will be doing virtual home visits with these 3 women in the future. I want to be calm & composed. Get to know the person. Not focus on self at all. Maybe I don’t have to speak at all. But I don’t want to decide in advance as I have – Debra and DS talk too much. The more I think about it, I want to show up as caring & nonjudgmental. So I want to quit judging my co-leaders for dominating the discourse because it feels awful! Any tips on how to get there?