Can you help me with a model?

I am going to take this model to my SCS session this week but want to get it a little clearer before then.

C: My family (me, my husband and sons) planned to hang out with my best friend her extended family today as a holiday celebration. Today they text me that they’re not up for a bigger celebration but invite us for hot chocolate outside instead. We show up to their house and they’re preparing a dinner together that we were not invited to. We stay for hot chocolate outside and then leave, the other 14 of them stay and have dinner together.
(does this need to be shorter?)

T: I feel so alone (I tried to make this concise but other things in the thought line might be, no one loves me, I feel so excluded).

F: lonely, shame, sadness

A: clam up during our time together, don’t really enjoy myself, ruminate about how friend can do this hurtful thing over and over, wondering if she even realizes it, not saying anything about it, sitting quietly on my own. On the way home I tried to just really feel my feelings instead of fighting them.

R: we go home; we’re alone at home and I feel sad. (not really sure what the result should be).

thank you for helping me clarify this model.