Can you help with my unintentional model?

Unintentional Model
C- Everyone is on their phone but me
T- They are disconnected and more into their phones than me
F- Disregarded, annoyed
A- I make snarky comments or just repeat those thoughts to myself which pushes me away (It’s funny I’m upset that we aren’t as connected as I want us to be, which in hindsight, I know is purely fuelled by my thoughts, but I’m making their actions mean something and in doing so that results in being less connected)
R- being less connected and eventually getting on my phone even when I don’t really want to. It’s like, Oh I’ll show them they’re on their phones not talking as much as I’d like so I’ll get on my phone too and not talk at all.

Intentional Model
C- I’m in a room with my boyfriend and friend. Boyfriend is on his phone.
T- I get to focus my full attention on friend.

I’m trying to think of a thought ladder that makes this very neutral, but I feel like by saying I get to focus my attention on the person that isn’t on their phone then I think I’m still making that mean something.

Am I overthinking that or is that a truly neutral thought?