Can you take a look at my model? Having trouble with the result line.

Hello! Lately I’ve been doing a lot of models where my thought is in the C line, because I notice I have secondary models judging those thoughts. It’s been really helpful to go through the steps of working through this because I’ve seen opportunities to offer myself compassion AND I’ve been able to more clearly see how often my tendancy is to NOT do this. That said, I know that the result proves the thought and I’m having a bit of a struggle with what my results are. Can you help?

C – Thoughts come up that cause suffering
T – If I suffer, I am failing at life
F – Hopeless
A – Try to outrun suffering, avoid talking about it or overtalk about it, say mean things to myself, tell myself to “get over it” and that focusing on the bad will only bring more bad.  Buffer it away with food and shopping and video games.
R – I don’t reach my goals because I do things that get in the way of them

C – Thoughts come up that cause suffering
T – All humans suffer sometimes because life is 50/50
F – Compassion
A – Spend time soothing myself, offer myself love and kindness, process and be with myself for the emotion that causes the suffering – sadness, fear, anger, pain.
R – I don’t make suffering worse.

Thank you!