Can’t afford NOT to be in this program!

This morning I was pretty sure I had to quit SCS because I haven’t been very responsible with money lately, thinking and acting from scarcity, but okay knowing that I have been in the program for a year and that’s what I committed to. I thought that I just couldn’t afford to do this anymore.

Then I logged in and saw the new VIP video on the home page where the last clip is of me explaining how I couldn’t imagine quitting any time soon after the last modelthon. Seeing myself say that made me cry and I realized that I can’t afford NOT to be in this program. The coaching I received from you that weekend helped me get so clear about the man of my dreams and how to become the wife and mom I wanted to be that he came into my life within a week. I’ve also lost 20 of the 100 pounds I need to lose. Now I’m recommitting to doing this work every day and finding out just what I can do with this body, my business, and my future family.

I thought that my impossible goal would be to get married and pregnant in 2018 but I feel like it’s already good as done now that I’ve met Chris….so possible. What really makes me squirm is the thought that I could actually lose the 100 pounds. That’s where my brain is like “HAHAHAHA yeah right, go ahead and eat that bagel. Impossible.”

But that’s okay. I already know that brain! Now what?

Staying in the program.
Observing my desire for buffering and that scarcity mindset, thought downloads, models, modelthons, coaching calls, meditation, self-love.
Getting to work.


-Emily Rose Washburn