When you can’t agree on the facts

Hi Brooke!

I enjoyed the podcast episode about difficult conversations. I think this approach will work well with my husband as he is not at all into the drama of hearing all of my feelings (surprising, huh?) and much more solution-oriented.

What trips me up sometimes in conversations with him is when we don’t agree on the facts, especially if it’s something I remember us discussing and he doesn’t remember the conversation, or remembers it differently. (E.g.: I remember us agreeing he’d watch the kids Saturday morning so I can work; he doesn’t recall making that commitment. Total he said she said.)

Is it just a matter of moving up one notch, and finding a more neutral layer of facts we can agree to, like it’s Saturday morning and we have children that need adult supervision? 🙂 But then how do I incorporate the idea that “I need/want time to work” — doesn’t sound like a fact.

Thank you!