Can’t decide to let go of my license

I have quit my job as a physician to be a full-time life coach. My physician license in my home country is active but it will inactivate in the country I live in as an expat. I am leaving medicine to be a weight loss coach. I don’t want to return back to clinical practice. I’m 40 years old. A senior colleague and my father told me to keep my license active. I don’t want to because it demands me to be working part-time. I don’t want to put any of my energy into pursuing working as a physician. But I feel scared to let it go. A small part of me is saying maybe those people are right. What if I need my license? I am resistant to taking any actions which need me to retain my license. I would rather focus my energy on growing my weight loss business. How do I decide to let go of my physician license as an expat?