Can’t figure out what counts as an urge?

I’ve seen others ask similar questions, but I’m still struggling with the concept of what counts as an urge. Because of this, I’m allowing myself to stay in uncertainty and not take the action of using the urge jar at all! So I know this is a problem.

I’ve seen “urges” fall along a massive spectrum like this.

(If something brings ice cream to mind) I like ice cream.
That ice cream on a billboard looks good.
I wouldn’t turn down ice cream.
Ice cream would taste good right now.
I would like some ice cream right now.
If I had ice cream at home, I would eat it.
Ice cream sounds so good right now.
I have ice cream in the freezer and want it.
I really want the ice cream.
I feel like I’m going to die if I don’t eat the ice cream.

I’m guessing the thought “I like Food X” doesn’t quite count as an urge, and the last few there do…what about something like “I would really want to eat ice cream if someone put it in my hands right now but of course I won’t bother to go to the store for it.”

Is there some concrete-ish line or question we can ask ourselves to determine whether a thought is an urge? Thank you!