Can’t Find Result for this Self-coaching Model

C: Real estate client must be out of their house by March 9, 2022
T: I have to fix this for them
F: Anxious
A: Feel tired and low energy, don’t want to do anything, hard to focus, feel guilty that we haven’t found a new place for them, feel responsible for fixing their situation, keep checking the multiple listing service for new rentals, go back to agents and ask them to reconsider, think I should dump the clients because I’m not sure I trust that they are telling me the truth, let client’s fear and anxiety seep into me, feel disappointed and low when I see there aren’t any new listings for them.
R: ?
I want to say that the result is that I am so busy in my head with all of the feelings and thoughts that I don’t leave room to think of ideas to help them. But, of course, what I want is not to feel responsible for a situation that isn’t really mine to fix.
Thank you for any insight!