Can’t follow my Monday hour one plans

I feel like…this is not worth the effort. I spend time on Monday charting my course determining what I will do and when, setting aside the focus time. However, either I am super bad at this, or life genuinely gets in the way. Every single time I have to deviate from my plan, I beat myself up. For instance, I am not good at remembering when my son’s learning pod come to the house (once per week, but it rotates so that day changes) I failed to plan for this, and instead of monday hour one plans, I spent all morning cleaning. I could have chosen not to clean, but I want my son to be proud that our house is clean when we have guests.

I am a lawyer who has clients who have emergencies that necessitate emergency hearings. I cannot predict those, and instances like those cause me to deviate from monday hour one.

lastly, I forget all kinds of things that needed to be planned for. This week it was oil change, and planning a workout (that I couldn’t do) during a time when my wife was not home to watch our son, which caused me to miss the workout. Again, so many fails and it is Wednesday. This feels like another thing I cannot manage, not something that helps me manage.