Can’t make sense of all of this – Follow Up

Last question in the ask a coach asked was “what if he does break up with you.”

I feel upset and disappointed when that happens. Like really heartbroken. I already feel heartbroken when I think about how he might marry someone.

I just feel heartbroken. Our relationship is so great right now and I just can’t believe that it might come to an end.

I genuinely love this guy soo much. I have never loved someone like this much and I would feel really really heartbroken if all the things we planned for will never get to happen.

I just don’t know anymore. I genuinely love him so much and I just can’t and don’t want to even think about us being not together or him marrying someone else.

I wouldn’t want to love someone again like this because I loved someone so much and that he didn’t choose to be with me even when our relationship is so great right now.

I just feel so heartbroken right now. Then I would just lose hope and trust in other relationships. Like if a great relationship can eventually come to an end, then I don’t really believe what I really should do to make things work out.