Can’t make sense of all of this

So I am 19 and my boyfriend is 25. We’ve been dating online for 7 months now and I genuinely love him so much. He’s also loving towards me. We both have shared everything about us and also created so many plans about future. Our relationship is great as we act loving to each other.

So we had a conversation about something where he said he wants to get married in general soon, like within a year or two. He said his parents are getting old and they expect him to get married. We were having the conversation in both joking and serious way. He said all his friends are getting married so he feels kind of pressured. He has a great career and has already settled so many of his things.

But I am not ready yet. I am only 19. I don’t want to get married too soon. I want to focus on my career and be financially stable until I marry someone.

My thought is he will break up with me someday and marry someone else.

I mean I don’t think he’s the type of person who would do that. He has a great personality but yes, he said he does want to get married in general.

I don’t know how to make sense of all of this. I genuinely wanted to be with him and spend time with him. I feel like he will choose someone else over me because he can’t wait any longer.

I feel like that moment will come and I will feel really devastated. I genuinely want to marry him but want to wait for 3-5 years but don’t think he’s ready for that.

My painful thought is one day after we have dated for so long he would break up with me and marry someone else.

Lol that is a possible thing that could happen but I think he’s really a good guy and would never do that and would want to be with me.