can’t miss all of this…

so while im in and invested in scholars I feel I just can’t miss a topic,,,
I would not miss relationship work which is so important to me
but I really still want to do urge jar and my biz well that’s the most important thing…. , my schedule I feel like theres so much to plan every day, that my actions are many but don’t feel like the tangible results in my areas are not as visible as I would like.

I know you recommend constraint, I just can’t bring myself to let go of caring about or wanting to do what I can in these areas. I am in a career transition. that feels like its the most important area, I bought a biz course feel that’s where I should be putting more time… but instead I’m here deliberating if I’m doing it wrong by trying to do it all.

part of me thinks I have the time I can do the biz course, coach training, running bus, handle relationship stuff and urge jar, part of me says no you can’t.

Please help!!!