Can’t pick ANY goal, much less an IG. (GK)

Hi! I am so ready to go all in on my goal… if only I had one. I did the whole Tony Robbins goal setting/value matching thing 2 years ago which resulted in a major life change because I saw my life/work didn’t align with my values. This was an awesome discovery. But the change turned out to be one I now know I wish I hadn’t made. Last year I made another major professional life change goal and took classes towards making that change, and along the way I discovered what I thought the work was was a mistaken representation of that work. At 55 years old I’m afraid of going down the wrong path again. I don’t want “things” (bigger house, nicer car, etc) so these aren’t Compelling Reasons. My current work is safe and well paying which keeps me there, but it’s not fulfilling. “Find fulfillment outside of work,” people say. I’ve seen myself fired up for these 2 work goals these past 2 years and I love that feeling. I’m just having a hard time choosing a goal and then going for it with a Compelling Reason, breaking it down into IGs, quarterly failures, etc. How does one pick a goal? Thank you.