Can’t stand husband being home

Help! I feel like a bad spouse and am questioning if I’d be happier *not* married at all. My husband has been on a work trip most of this week. He came home early tonight, and when I received the text, my heart sank. I had been looking forward to having the house to myself tonight, but no, of course he had to come home early. Then I was listening and trying to relax while making dinner, and he comes out to announce something. How can he not tell I’m listening to something? Why would he decide that’s a great time to loudly talk over my podcast? I realize these thoughts are not flattering to share, but just need some help and am being as honest as possible.

Current model:
C: Husband talks at the same time as my podcast playing.
T: He is so annoying.
F: Annoyed
A: Pretend to listen. Seethe inside. Mutter under my breath once he leaves the room “couldn’t you tell I’m *listening* to something”? Grit teeth. Fantasize about having house to myself. Write into Ask a Coach. Eat cheese. Question whether I should get a divorce. Ignore my commitment to myself to stay in the marriage. Disregard positives of husband being home (e.g., long conversation that felt fulfilling an hour ago).
R: ?

Thank you.