Can’t stop grab-assing!

I have been in SCS for about 7 months and have seen lots of changes in myself, but I still am eating compulsively almost every day. I did stop the habit of eating while watching a screen, which is HUGE. That has been something I’ve been trying to do for years and I did it by finding thought error that was perpetuating the action and then I stopped pretty easily.

I am hoping you can help me with my model that is causing me to continue to overeat. I do the Write it Down, Move On worksheet almost every time I OE. I do TD during the day to try to keep myself aware. I know what my triggers are. I just keep choosing to go back down the same road. Why can’t I make a different choice??

T–I want to stop OE so bad
A–Judge myself, fantasize about stopping
R–Don’t stop OE

These are the best thoughts I’ve come up with for my IM, but it’s not working!
I love myself as I let go of this outdated coping mechanism.
I can stop OE anytime I want.
I am making progress changing this habit.