"Can’t" trust my thoughts/feelings

Hello! I experienced a head injury earlier this month and one of the effects is that my thoughts and emotions will be “unpredictable” and “possibly out of character.” For a week, I second guessed every thought and feeling I had, wondering if it was real or all in my head. And then I had to laugh. At no point are thoughts and feelings NOT in my head, right?
I’ve decided to approach the situation by treating each thought and feeling as though it doesn’t matter whether it’s influenced by a brain injury. It is my experience right now. Perhaps my thoughts will be different as I heal. Perhaps they will be different because I did the work surrounding them. It doesn’t matter because all I have is my current experience.
I’d love to know your thoughts around this. If we’re taking responsibility for all our thoughts, I’ll need to take responsibility for the ones that come from my brain in any state, not just one that hasn’t been bruised, yes?

C: Brain injury
T: My thoughts might be out of my control
F: Desperate, scared
A: Ruminate
R: My thoughts are definitely out of control after all that ruminating

C: Brain injury
T: My brain is still thinking thoughts that are causing feelings
F: Validated
A: Do the thought work and models when needed
R: Understand myself, in any state