Capable of creating my dream life….just not so sure what that is.

Hi Brooke,

Since I started listening to your podcast almost 2 years ago and then joined scholars, i’ve been able to reinvent my entire life. I upgraded my job to a better suited one and doubled my corporate income in the past 2 years, got my dream apartment (no more living with disrespectful and annoying roommates), I left the fundamentalist religion that I was raised in that i’ve been fed up with and resentful towards for years, and my family understood and accepted me shortly after telling them. I found a SO now that i’m crazy about that loves me to pieces and is very good to me. I even just got promoted at my job AGAIN and got a 30% raise. Life is seemingly perfect over here…people would kill for this life! The only thing is I’ve had this nagging feeling for the past 2 years that i’m not living up to my potential, and it’s stressing me out. Like you said, the bigger risk is NOT achieving my highest potential because I don’t know what’s out there that i’m currently giving up.

If I can achieve all of this in just 2 short action packed years, WHO KNOWS what i’m capable of in the next 10….probably alot more than i’m achieving right in this moment. I feel deep down that I’m called to start some sort of business, or change the world somehow in a very big way, but I’m paralyzed and don’t know where to start. I’m really unsure how to figure out the map for my dream life that fits my highest potential (If i could do anything, what would I do each day, where would i live, who would i be with, what difference would I be making in the world). I’m happy with the progress that i’ve made so far and feel confident that I can achieve anything with the model! I just don’t know what IT is that I should be out there achieving. Meanwhile, i’m becoming rooted deeper and deeper into my tech corporate life here in the bay area. I listen to your calls and podcast still and do models and write, but I find myself still just doing alot of “passive absorbing” instead of massive action. Please help!