Capacity To Have – Spectrum Of Feelings

I am working on my capacity to have and trying to answer Brooke’s question: What is my current capacity to have?

I wrote down some numbers to test out my feelings about each level to try to dive into my thoughts and I noticed that I have very different feelings at each level. 50k in the bank feels fine or normal, 500k in the bank feels good, and makes me feel safe and able to support my business in the case of emergency, 1 million in the bank makes me feel like a spoiled brat then 5 million in the bank makes me feel safe and able to support again.

CLEARLY I have some thought work to do around that million dollar mark! My question is, though, how do I approach thought-work that I am doing when it’s on a spectrum? Because it’s not just the million dollar mark that is a problem, I am certain that $999,999 and $1,000,001 would evoke similar thoughts/feelings. My goal is to create a healthy bridge thought both from $50,000 to $1 mil but ALSO from $1 mil (which feels uncomfortable) to seemingly comfortable $5 mil.

Do I just change the C a hundred times to see where it comes up or do I approach the spectrum as a whole? Is it helpful to identify one thought that covers the spectrum and unites the different levels or different thoughts from step to step? How do I approach a spectrum when I am looking at it from the beginning in anticipation of experiencing it in it’s entirety? (Sidnote: Thank you SCS! This work has been mind blowing and I love you for showing up in the world).