Captain Resistance

Thanks for the biz advice in the other forum.

Now to my thoughts. This months’ time and scheduling work is great and challenging. On any given day, I get frustrated by interruptions that I allow and feel compelled to choose my priorities based on how I feel on the day.

Since I am working and setting up a business and studying I have to switch hats and each switch is like that lost time that a triathlete gets switching from swim to bike to run.

So I look at my plan and it’s a mixture of Two different types of task in a day. Then I do what feels right at the time rather than what’s on my schedule and then I push myself to do my original task anyway. Of course this becomes a bit stressful and frustrating so I have to go and eat a chocolate or drink copious amounts of green tea. I’ve never been a huge chocolate eater either!

It looks like this
C = things to complete
F = this other thing makes more sense and I’m in the mood for it instead of what’s in my schedule
A = do the other thing and then also push to do the scheduled thing. Take a chocolate break.
R = frustrated, stressed but competing things. Losing creativity.

I’m guessing the work is to make my schedule more logical in that I only do one type of task on one day.

Then it would be
C = things to complete
T = A rearranged schedule makes more sense
F = more aligned
A = stay in the headspace and get the task done
R = one things gets finished at a time

I suspect the reason I haven’t done this yet is that switching tasks is like buffering for me. If I get bored or stuck I can switch tasks and avoid the feelings. I tried sticking to my guns this week, just doing one task on Monday and I resisted the urge to swap. Great to finish something but it was hard and I got so cranky, which seems so counterproductive! I guess there are more models in this and sitting with the perceived discomfort.

Jeepers, I am acting like a three year old at times lol!