Capturing New Thoughts


These last 6 weeks have been eye opening for me! While it took me a while to learn how to think new thoughts, I am on my way to a daily thought creating habit. And not just when I am doing my morning thought work. ALL. DAY. LONG. And this is exciting. And I know this new thinking will continue. For that, I am more than grateful (and sometimes a bit shocked at some of my rote, ingrained “I thought I was just describing a fact” thoughts)

Here is my question: I am searching for an efficient way to centralize these amazing thoughts that have begun to flow for me so that I am not starting from scratch or trying to remember the AHA! thoughts building the foundation for this work. I am aware that this new thinking is only the beginning and am determined to find a method to capture and then build on what is awakening in my brain. I have models on pieces of paper, on my computer, in my phone notes… in the car, in the kitchen, by my bed…. which I have worked hard to create. And now I find there are times I can’t locate the amazing new thought I had. While I have purchased a journal reserved for my NEW THOUGHTS that I want to practice and build on, I am curious how you manage all the thoughts you find to replace those which aren’t working for you or you want to improve.

Thank you