Two years ago, I was laid off from a job I’d had for 18 years. I was one of 15 people laid off as the company decided to discontinue those services. Within 3 months, I was in a job that I had no job description for – I was told that as I explored what I was good at and what worked for me, we would construct a job description. But what happened was I was increasingly expected to fill in the gaps of what needed to be done and found myself doing many things that weren’t a fit for me. I had a very supportive boss who let me cut back to part-time and do the things I liked doing, while I looked for another job. I’m in a 3 month temp position currently in a company where I’d like to work, and am looking around to see what openings there are. I guess my question is how to not allow my mind to go into confusion as I determine what I want to do and is a good fit for me. It’s easy to think things like, “Will I ever find a good job fit? Am I good at anything? What do I like to do? Who am I without a job title?” I think I identified myself with my old title and at times, I feel a bit “adrift” without it. Can you help me with reframing this so I support myself with clarity and love, rather than confusion and judgment? Thanks!