Amazing coaches, hi.

I’m currently having a corporate job. But I don’t really like it. I made all work around it, identified real reasons why and processes them.
Now, from a place of understanding and love, I want to chose another career (completely change the industry I’m working in).

6 months ago I even selected what I want to do. I’m currently developing the skills I need for it. However, for a month I’m thinking about my passion in another industry.

Therefore, I hesitate if this change was cause by my versatility of opinions or the fact that I’m finally hearing myself. During this 6 months I did a huge amount of self coaching work and discovered true reasons for many decisions in my life.

However, I quite struggle with understanding of this one. Is it ok just to change my opinion or is it an evidence that I’m running/ hiding from something? Should I stay with the first decision or hear myself and select the second? Could you, please, advice on this.
Thank you!