Career Change / Decision Making

Prior to the pandemic I was a dental hygienist for 10 years.  While laid off,  I decided to pursue my goal of becoming a real estate agent, mainly because I had an interest in real estate investing and I wanted to explore this industry.  I thought it might be a great fit for me in general. I was very enthusiastic about the career change (let me note that I did NOT love my job before I left it, I had been unhappy in it for many years, but a new path seemed more optional with regards to the pandemic) so I leaped at the opportunity to pursue it.

Once I got a taste of what the work itself was like (tedious contracts, not having a set schedule), I did not love it like I thought I would. I was hoping it would offer me more freedom and fulfillment than being a hygienist would. While I have forced myself to learn the skills of detailed work over the years, it is not my forte and I do not enjoy this kind of work. I have always been a big picture thinker (a dreamer of sorts) and passion projects fuel me like nothing else. I had the realization that one of the things that drew me to real estate was all the mindset/coaching world that surrounds it. I remember even as a hygienist being so excited when consultants would come in. I LOVED what they did, their perspective and the tools and the focus on growth they brought to the table. I remember actually thinking many years back when a consultant was giving a presentation at our office , “How can I do that?!” but at the time, I did not have all these tools to manage my mind to get me there.

So, now I am wondering if I should leave the real estate behind and follow what “feels” like my true passion of coaching/consulting, there are several reasons I could list off as to why I think this is a better fit for me, the main one being because I have an endless fascination of people, their brains, and what we are capable of. I am sure many of you can relate.
BUT, I also have ADHD so I want to make sure I am not jumping ship just because I am bored with real estate. I actually still like real estate, I am just bored with the idea of being an agent and spending anymore of my time, effort, or energy gaining traction in that as a career (I am considering the sunk cost fallacy here). I don’t want to get too caught up in my gut feelings about it, of course I asked my husband and he also from the outside recognizes I have a tendency to move onto the next shiny thing. I am so new to real estate as a career…does the love it til you leave it concept still apply? I feel like I tried it, not a fan, ready to move on.

The only helpful question I have come up with so far is….if I was currently very successful at real estate would I want to stay?
The answer I get is I think I would still be searching for more fulfillment and freedom.
Any feedback of course greatly appreciated but I am mostly looking for help with good questions I could ask myself so I can find my own answers?