Career Clarity

I am a brand new Scholar and am loving this program. I’m amazed at what I have learned since the beginning of the month! So here’s my story.

I have been a yoga instructor for 8 years and a nutrition coach for 3. Last year I opened a holistic office with a team of holistic providers. I am now leaving that office – this was a fail forward moment for me. I am struggling to decide what direction to take now. Do I look for work, do I stay self employed? I’d like to use additional skills/talents that I have but that are not used in my current career. I’m 52 and have been out of the “traditional” work force for many years and am nervous about trying to get back in . Thus I vacillate between keeping my own business going and looking for a job.

My Model is:
C: I am a yoga instructor and health coach.
T: Don’t know what direction to take with my career.
F: Fear of the unknown
A: Go in circles, first focus on the business and starting new projects then spending time looking at employment ads.
R: No progress in either direction.

How can I create a new model to bridge these thoughts?