Career “confusion”

Hi Brooke and coaches:
Thank you for being here! Lucky us!!
I know so many folks ask similar about work on here. … I’m indulging in confusion around work, I think. So here we go. Some Cs are: the funding for my entire organization ended and the place closed down. For the year following, I got a paid fellowship at an Ivy league university. Following that I got pregnant with baby #2, and was throwing up daily and wasn’t working. Now I have a six month old. And here are the Thoughts. We have decided as a family that I need to work to help support us financially. My dream would be to find a job from about 9-2 daily, so I can be with my kids after school, that pays me $100K/year with benefits and vacation. There is no one in my field that I know of who able to do that. Most people I know work 60+ hours/week and don’t even make 100K. Also, don’t know if I even want to stay in my field. But I also have a belief that there is no way I could find part-time well paid work in a completely new field at this point in my life. So a lot of thoughts. I know this is a thought, but it feels like a circumstance. “It’s impossible to find a part time job that pays well with benefits and vacation at this age, with my skills that would also feel meaningful.” Even when I tell friends that I want to find a super part-time meaningful gig that pays $100K w/ benefits, they laugh because they think it’s a joke. “Don’t we all” is often the response. I guess I’m looking for a first step to either committing to my current field and/or asking my future self how she created her dream job.

Thank you!