Carpenter fired me

My carpenter fired me this morning after I pushed back on a couple of details. He said “I can’t work with you.” I was proud of myself for saying what I wanted because I didn’t a few years ago on another project, and still hate the results. I think he was a jerk and misogynist (because he made comments about how I spoke too much on our first meeting), but I knew his craftsmanship is excellent. I have lots of thoughts about him and the situation like:

  • I’m glad to be rid of him.
  • He was difficult to work with because he wouldn’t listen.
  • He has two major projects coming up that he’s stressed about (his words), so he found an out and took it.
  • I’m glad I said what I wanted.
  • I showed him the exact designs I wanted him to copy and he still couldn’t do it, but blamed me instead of himself.
  • I was kind to tell him earlier re the change because per the contract I could have told him later, which would have messed with his schedule.

BUT, the one nagging thought I have is: I’m difficult to work with.

That is the most important one to me, but I don’t know how to change/shift it. I’ve had other bad experiences with male contractors, which is feeding it. How can I work toward changing that one at least enough to take the sting out of it? I know some people (i.e. men) take pride in being difficult to work with, so I can see it’s not negative on its face.

My husband is being very supportive and says it’s a good thing, but I don’t entirely believe it.