Carrying emotions

I’ve heard before that, if an emotion doesn’t dissipate after we allow it, that we can simply move through our day WITH the emotion, with the analogy that we can carry it with us similar to carrying a purse through the day.

I’m struggling to adopt this mindset about emotions, especially when it’s an emotion that feels like it consumes me. Could it be that I’m resisting the emotion and that’s why if feels like it’s consuming? I am thinking about emotions like dread that weigh heavy on me and feel like I can’t move if I’m allowing it and breathing through it. Could it be that I really “feeling” my resistance to that emotion and not the emotion itself? Any tips on distinguishing? It feels like dread/overwhelm/etc.

Are there any workbooks or videos on carrying on with your days when you’re feeling emotions (especially those that feel like they overtake everything)? I plan on addressing this on my next call, but it would be great to get some tools to work on this sooner if possible.

Thank you in advance!