Cat neglected by vet

I’m trying to think clearly and deliberately about what to do here. My cat stopped eating, I took her to our family vet 3 times. He kept saying he didn’t know what was wrong, suspected an infection, did not give her antibiotics. She ate a little, but then stopped again. The third time she came back she’d been suffering with liver issues from lack of eating. He suggested putting her on an IV with glucose to help the liver. 5 days later he said he didn’t know what was wrong and he couldn’t help her. That morning I’d spoken to my neighbor who said she had a problem with that vet and that he has a reputation for not being good with cats and suggested a second opinion from her vet, I took the number, my husband went to pick up our cat.

When he arrived, he found that the cat had been left in her own urine and filth for days. The vet said, sorry, his assistant had been out with Dengue fever. (We live in a the tropics.) My husband got angry and said, “do you expect me to bring this cat home to our children like this?” and demanded the vet clean her up. He did.., sort of. I had to bathe her again because she smelled horrible and her white fur had been dyed yellow with urine saturation. She had torn out her IV and had an injured leg. My husband was in shock. So was I, he called it “third world veterinarian care” we arranged to bring her to the other vet. The other vet is doing all they can, they are treating her with antibiotic shot now. And we’re giving her liquid nutrition. But she’s dehydrated, can’t get another IV because of her leg injury, and they say she may die from the neglect of medical from the first vet.

I’m feeling a lot of things, very terrible things. I think I want to feel terrible. I also don’t right now want to spend energy on “revenge” while I need to be vigilant about taking care of a sick cat. My friends that I told are outraged and telling me I need to ruin this guy’s business. I’m so conflicted. He was our vet for years. I don’t know why this happened. It feels sick and wrong. I know I’m in a small town, I’m out of the country, there’s a pandemic, standards of care are not as uniform here as in the United States, as far as I know I can’t sue. I also know the vet’s family. It’s complicated in my head.

I don’t want to feel happy. I don’t know how I want to feel. I know I feel betrayed and that feels awful. I think, “I can’t believe our vet would let this happen.” I’m also scared she’s going to die. And I don’t want to lose her. I feel sad when I look at her injured and sick. I feel like I should have questioned him earlier on and maybe sought a second opinion sooner.

I guess the circumstances are I trusted a veterinarian to take care of my cat and he didn’t do it as I expected him to. The cat is still alive. She was left sitting in her own urine for days. Her leg is injured, she has an infection. Another vet is treating her. She is at home. We are giving her medicine and water and taking her daily for a shot. The new vet said she may die, but she may also live.

Im trying to focus on her living. I’m doing my best not to entertain thoughts of victimization or getting even. I do want to feel sad that my cat got hurt. I do want to be angry that she was left in a bad state of hygiene. But I don’t know what to do with these feelings, I’m afraid if I entertain anger too long, I’ll call up the first vet and scream at him. And if I follow sad for too long, I’ll start drinking and eating, which I’ve already done over this, actually. I’m kind of not even sorry I ate a chocolate bar and had a drink. This feels like more than I can handle right now. I’m overwhelmed with horror and anger actually. Plus fear I’m going to lose her over something that could have been prevented by a different veterinarian.