Categorize depression

I’m doing the “mastering emotional balance” homework.
I am asked to categorize the feeling as “you want to feel,” “unwanted but need to allow,” and “indulgent.”
I don’t know about depression.
What do you think?

I have a tendency to feel depressed. Mostly because I think a lot of negative thoughts about my relationship with my husband.
I don’t really want to feel this way. I know this is a lot of judgment about my husband and our relationship. But I don’t want to beat myself up about me feeling depressed, because it makes things worse.

I know depression could be a contemplative phase in one’s life and can open up to something else. Like, I may open up myself up to become a more accepting person. Accepting my husband as he is and our relationship as it is sounds really difficult for me right now, but it may be possible one day?

Or is depression an emotion I indulge into? Could I go on a diet from the thoughts and the feelings that cause depression?

Also, when I’m feeling depressed I can do my work and I can lead my normal life. What I do is ruminate, isolate more, search for a “solution.” Should I not react in this way to depression?

As I use SCS to search for a “solution” to depression, do I use coaching to isolate myself? Could it be a reaction to depression for me?

Thank your for your guidance!