Categorizing feelings

In my homework today, I found that I felt justified about buying new jeans. I realized that I often feel justified about buying things. It results in me buying things I want but may not have bought if I planned ahead. Like junk food out of a vending machine because I am hungry. Would justified be indulgent or unwanted and need to allow? Here’s my unintentional model

C: 2 pairs of jeans in Amazon shopping cart
T: my jeans are all faded and look bad now
F: justified
A: buy them, spend $60, don’t check budget first,
R: I potentially overspend and don’t know if I am honoring my money protocol/budget

C: same
T: I’m going to make sure this works with my budget first
F: empowered
A: update and check YNAB, wait 24 hours to buy,
R: I stay on money protocol/budget

Question #2: would we ever want to choose intentionally a feeling that we may categorize as unwanted but need to allow? For example, if I feel anxiety about talking to a prospective client, and I usually avoid taking the action of talking to them, what might an intentional Model look like?