My Cave Brain is frightened and berates me for my successes!

Good morning! At the moment I am creating for myself what I’m calling a Great problem: how to attend to my cave brain that is flipping out over the growing excitement –and unsteadiness — I’m feeling when working through my 25 fails list (aka as my Brooke Christmas List). Low and behold, slowly I’m seeing that that wow, taking on a YES approach does create the confidence. My cave brain seems to be internalizing and seeing that action and decisions create the confidence and momentum and results, as compared to hiding and waiting to feel all confident before venturing out into the beyond. My snag, as I’m calling it, is my self-berating voice “you should have known this before, and think of what time you’ve wasted etc ” chatter which is most often loudest when I’m flipping out and feeling unsteady over the extent to which I’m reaching and going for those 25 fails.

my thought/ process: I see the unsteadiness and cave brain yelling as indicators that it’s too dangerous, late and nonsensical to keep at it and to stop. And I don’t want to. I’m glad not to feel as stagnant, as it seems to be getting replaced each day by excited unsteadiness. So there’s this push/pull , either/or framework playing out.

Help coach!