Celebrating – Belief Manifested! Next?

Dear Brooke, The sentence I decided to believe in March was a big stretch — I didn’t believe it at all in February -and guess what? I have achieved it way faster than I ever believed possible. I put in the massive action, did things that were super uncomfortable and quite frankly terrifying 😉 and got the results – it’ll make a huge difference to my whole family’s lives and I’m delighted. Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me!!!

After this success I’d like to repeat the March homework with a new belief around work. I’m someone who has indulged in indecision around life purpose and the new belief I’m considering committing to is “I know exactly what work I’m meant to do” or “I know exactly what I want to create and contribute in this life”. I know you believe in just making a decision but I don’t think I’m there yet – I’d really value your opinion on whether you think this is a useful approach. Thank you SO much.