Celebrating early results on my Impossible Goal

In December, I joined Scholars and I set an impossible goal for myself of getting a new job at a significantly higher salary. Before that, I had been struggling for months with indulgent thinking around my job prospects, mainly with some variation of a thought like “no one will be interested in hiring me.” My model had me stuck in inaction, and (no surprise), the results were not good.

I just wanted to come here to celebrate my progress. As part of my IG, I set some worthy fails for Q1 that included reaching out to 30 people in my network each month to reconnect, and building 25 new connections this quarter. I’ve done a lot of thought downloads, work on bridge thoughts (like “i believe I can get 1 new business card at this networking event”), and most importantly, I’ve taken a LOT of action (even when I frankly didn’t feel like it and my brain was telling me to just not bother). Result: almost every single person I’ve reached out to has responded, and I’ve been able to set up in-depth meetings with almost half of those contacts. I’ve ditched the “sad sack story” my brain had been feeding me, about how no one would be interested in what I have to offer, now that I see that people ARE responding, and it’s helping me challenge other thoughts that have kept me stuck.

Part of me is wondering if I should really need this “evidence” of results in order to change my thoughts? But I have to say that even if I’m doing it wrong, I am so intrigued and impressed to witness the evolution of my thinking and results. Can’t wait to see where I am at the end of Q1!