I’m stuck on this model. I’m obsessed with my thighs and the cellulite on them. No matter what I do, they can never look the way I want them to. I’ve done diets and crazy exercise routines and they aren’t ever the way I want them. I’m not overweight, I just hate my thighs. I’m sick of obsessing over it. Always looking in mirrors, hoping they look better. The more work I do with SCS, the more I realize that perhaps I believe the cellulite on my thighs makes me unlovable. But I am having a hard time working that into a model and creating a new model. Any help you can provide would be great!

Unintentional Model #1
C- I have a body
T- my thighs have cellulite, they are disgusting
F- embarrassed
A- hide, not open up in public, wear pants or capris to cover them
R- ??? I still have a body?

Unintentional Model #2
C- the fronts of my thighs have cellulite?
T- my thighs are disgusting
F- sad
A- exercise like mad
R- I still have the thighs I always had?

Intentional Model
C- I have a body
T- my body is strong
F- confident
A- wear what’s comfortable and take care of my body
R- have a healthy body