CEO Mind Drama model

I’m looking to grow as a CEO. I’ve been running my company for over 15 years and thanks to SCS, I’ve uncovered a pattern of major mind drama.

I want to learn to give Managers space to make mistakes, but it’s my company and it kills me to watch it happen. I know how I want things done, but I also know that a good CEO delegates and lets her Managers do it their way.

Here’s my model which I know is muddled because of the two T/F’s but they seemed to go together. Could you please suggest a way to clean it up? Also some next steps for finding a way out of the mind drama? Thanks.

C: Manager doesn’t do something the way I want them to
T: She’s screwing up F: culpable (me at fault) T: I have to fix this, F: panic
A: responding to fix, then second-guessing my responses
blaming myself for being too hard, not hard enough, communicating too much, not communicating enough, worrying about the Manager not being able to do their job in the future and me having to fire them; ruminating on what kind of feedback would “fix” them.
R: I create exhausting mind drama for myself