When A Certain Woman Walks Into A Room

I was sitting with a friend in a coffee place and a woman entered, very lady-like but dressed casually. She wore sleeveless top and her arms were chiseled, lean, and fit. Her entire posture and gait were a statement.
We could hardly take our eyes off of her. There was a certain quality in her.
I later came home and did a thought download and this came out:

That fit woman had a statement quality. That statement said that she is a hard worker.
It says dedication.
It says willing to feel discomfort.
It says willing to feel physical pain.
It says commitment. Self-love.
It has discipline written all over it. Discipline of her mind over urges.
It says self-respect. Dignity. Integrity.
It says patience. Work-ethics. Passion.
It says, ‘I am someone who wakes up with determination and goes to bed with satisfaction.’
It says proud.
It suggests choices she makes daily.
It suggests of her thoughts about herself.

I then told myself I want to be all those things, and I want those things to manifest as soon as I walk into a room.
If I could only have HER brain…