I was recently coached in a 20 min session about an impossible goal that I have for the end of the year. I mentioned a desire to feel certain about the goal, and how I believe that in order to achieve it, there does need to be some level of certainty. So here is my existing model.

C Impossible goal
T In order to achieve it there does need to be a level of certainty
F nervous
A buzz a little about the actions I’m taking
R Not fully achieve the goal

And then on the call she said, why do you have to be certain? So I’ve considered that being “certain” is a C, being certain is a preference. And maybe this is living in paradox. Sure I can be certain and I can not be and still accomplish the thing….

My question is am I missing anything? If being certain is a C, then I’m not sure what emotions and thoughts would connect in order to achieve the impossible goal.

C Certain about impossible goal
T This is optional – and then what? – I guess get to work.
F light, confused, neutral
A move forward with less mind drama
R accomplish goal?