Certification Drama!

Hello! I am a certified coach but not through LCS. I use the model with my clients and love everything LCS and SCS. I left my corporate job and I am actively coaching and I have made a little under $20k since I started coaching full time 4 months ago. I have seen how in the past I like to spend money and invest in my coaching business to help it grow. I have all these ideas for where I want to invest next and I currently am in 2k, SCS obviously, I work with a 1:1 coach and am in a mastermind (the mastermind is not with an LCS coach). I want to go through LCS training but I am sitting in confusion because I am spinning about whether it is a good idea to invest in LCS certification now versus constraining and committing to what I am already doing?

C: 4 programs I am in + LCS certification
T: I want to do all of it but I shouldn’t because it is too much
F: disappointed
A: spin, try to figure out how to do it all, don’t do anything for my business, ask a coach
R: Think I have too much to do

Another model is
C: 4 programs + LCS certification
T: I want to do LCS certification now
F: excited
A: Sign up
R: Do LCS certification

My model on those two models is:
C: models above
T: I don’t know what to do
F: Confused
A: Spin in mind drama, don’t make a decision
R: I don’t know what to do.

This is where I am sitting, in the confusion thinking about how much money it is and I shouldn’t do it and I am already trying to do “too much” but I really want to do it! Help! Thanks! 🙂